Terms of Service


In consideration of the services to be provided by BuyDrug247.co ("website"), I affirm the following:

I am at least eighteen (21) years old, competent to use the services, and I willingly use the website without duress or undue influence.

I comprehend the content on the website, am aware of its affiliation with a pharmacy, and acknowledge that the website does not engage in medical practice.

I recognize the importance of the medical questionnaire, which will be reviewed by a consulting prescribing physician and a telemedicine physician who may conduct a telephone consultation.

I confirm the accuracy and honesty of the information provided in the medical questionnaire and understand the risks and benefits associated with prescribed medication.

I acknowledge that the website is operated by a third party that refers customers to a pharmacy, and the website does not control medical opinions or decisions.

I understand the prescribing physician may issue or decline a prescription based on the medical questionnaire, and the telemedicine physician may conduct a telephone consultation.

Any prescribed medication is for my personal medical needs, and I won't distribute or sell it to others. I am not obtaining medication from multiple sources to stockpile.

I have disclosed a diagnosed medical condition on the medical questionnaire, confirmed by a physical examination by my Primary Physician.

I agree to consult with my Primary Physician before using prescribed medication and to follow their advice.

I acknowledge that the prescribing and telemedicine consultations are considered to occur in the physicians' respective states of residence.

If importation into my state is necessary, it is for continuing treatment initiated by the prescribing physician.

I confirm the reliance on my medical questionnaire and agree to indemnify the website, its owner(s), affiliates, prescribing physician, telemedicine physician, and dispensing pharmacy against any liability.

I warrant compliance with state laws regarding prescription drug importation.

The website serves as a referral medium, and the prescribing and telemedicine physicians are not employees of the website.

I understand the website has the right to store and share my medical information with involved parties.

Disputes will be settled by arbitration, and the arbitration award is final and binding.

I will seek information from my pharmacist and Primary Physician regarding prescribed medication.

I undertake prompt contact with medical professionals for necessary emergency intervention.

I acknowledge inherent risks in using medication and indemnify the website and affiliated parties from severe side effects.

I understand that no health professional can guarantee desired effects, and I release the website from liability for acts or omissions of healthcare professionals.

I release the website, its owner(s), and clinician from liability for any claims related to the standard of care or personal examination.

All information and services provided by the website are "as is" without warranty.

If any provision is deemed illegal or unenforceable, the agreement may be modified to maintain the remaining provisions' force and effect.

Once delivered, prescription medication may not be returned, in whole or in part.