Buy Fioricet and other Medications Safely Online

It has become increasingly common in the United States for consumers to replace a visit to the corner drugstore with a purchase on the Internet. There they can find thousands of Web sites selling prescription drugs and other health products.

Many of these enterprises genuinely offer convenience, privacy, and safety. In most instants, consumers can use these services with the same confidence they have at their local pharmacy.

But consumers need to be careful of others who are using the Internet as an outlet for products that are illegal. These sites either sell non FDA approved products, or if they deal in approved drugs or supplements, sidestep established procedures designed to protect you, the consumer.

So how do I buy Fioricet and other medications safely online?

Make sure that they dispense FDA-approved medications and offer secure online medical consultations. See if the pharmacists and physicians are US-licensed. Most reputable online pharmacies will have a customer service number on their purchase pages that is usually available 24/7. Also purchase only guaranteed authentic drugs from US manufactures. This helps identify the drug by its shape and color.

How does buying Fioricet and other medications online work?

Simply put, we are an affiliate of multiple pharmacy networks. What does that mean? We process order requests and assign them to the appropriate network. Pharmacies have to be able to ship to different states due to licensing. Note that we cannot ship to all states because of different state regulations.

This business model is different than your large chain pharmacies. As such, for profit entities will deem our website as a rogue pharmacy. That’s because you are not dealing directly with the pharmacy but with a web development company, Absolute Webworks, LLC.

Our pharmacy networks are the ones that have the brick and mortar pharmacies and doctor partnerships. When you receive your prescription you will discover which brick and mortar pharmacy can ship to your state.

Fioricet History

Fioricet was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1984. Watson Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to Fioricet from Novartis Pharmaceuticals in 2003.

The generic form of Fioricet is available from several manufactures. Our affiliates currently dispense the following depending on stock that is available.

  • A247 is a medium blue round tablet, manufactured by Alvogen
  • LCI 1695 is a light blue round tablet, manufactured by Lannett Co Inc.
  • BAC 123 is a white round tablet, manufactured by Westminster Pharmaceuticals
  • Watson 3369 is a white round tablet, manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals

All four tablets use the same formulation, Acetaminophen – 325mg, Butalbital – 50mg, Caffeine – 40mg.

The Lannet LCI 1695 can be requested at an additional cost.

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Fioricet Headache Medication

Fioricet Pain Pill Prescription Drug Information: Fioricet is a sedative barbiturate, non-aspirin pain medication and caffeine mix. This relaxant and non-narcotic pain medication is often prescribed for tension headaches caused by tension and migraine. Online Order Form

Quantity Price Ship Order

Fioricet 50mg (Generic)
180 Tabs $257-259 Free Order Online
120 Tabs $210-212 Free
90  Tabs $186-188 Free